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Program Type: ECOWAS Certification of Sustainable Energy Skills

Course Objective: In fulfilment of its mandates, the ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE) with the support of GIZ, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and other partners has established a Regional Certification Scheme (RCS) known as the ECOWAS Certification of Sustainable Energy Skills (ECSES) scheme to promote professional competency and address the quality assurance gaps that exist along the renewable energy (RE) and energy efficiency (EE) value-chain. The rationale behind this action is that for successful RE and EE market and projects, there is a need for quality assurance at various levels. This includes quality assurance of equipment e.g. through the establishment and enforcement of product standards. The certification of skills is considered essential because certification gives the reassurance that professionals have the competencies and capacities required to complete a job safely and effectively.

Course Scope: ECOWAS CERTIFICATION OF SUSTAINABLE ENERGY SKILLS SCHEME TARGETED COMPETENCIES: List of competencies covered by the ECSES Scheme for off-grid solar PV technicians/professionals: • Working Safely with Photovoltaic Systems • Understanding Solar Energy and PV Systems Basics • Understanding PV System Design • Installing Mechanical and Electrical PV Components • Installing Cables, Connectors and Protective Devices • Completing System Installation, Testing and Commissioning • Conducting Maintenance and Troubleshooting Activities

Course Description: The ECSES scheme is based on a Job-Task-Analysis (JTA) that was developed by all ECOWAS member states and with inputs from stakeholders and industry experts. ECREEE also aligns all the structures and procedures of the certification system to the requirements of ISO/IEC 17024:2012 “conformity assessment-General requirements for bodies performing certification of persons". This will provide the possibility for sustainable energy professionals to obtain credentials that are recognized internationally and regionally. The ECSES scheme’s credentials positively impact career by giving: THE CANDIDATE • training and certification that is acknowledged and recognised in all ECOWAS countries; • enhanced skills, reputation, credibility, and consumer confidence; • mobility to other ECOWAS countries, the credentials provides access to regional platform, “passport” to national and regional sustainable energy projects, employability, professional competitive advantage and job market in the ECOWAS regio

Eligibility: In brief, it requires that an applicant must be at least 18 years of age: • with at least two (2) years of practice as a solar technician or an electrician • Diploma, BSc., MSc. and beyond in fields of engineering, or architecture can apply

Training Cost (NGN): 80,000.00

Maximum Payment Installment: 1

Minimum Initial Deposit: 80,000.00

Publication Date: 24-Jun-2019

Advert Close Date: 21-Sep-2019

Payment Close Date: 21-Sep-2019

Projected Training Start Date: 23-Sep-2019

Actual Training Start Date: 23-Sep-2019

Projected Training End Date: 26-Sep-2019

Actual Training End Date: 26-Sep-2019

Training Centres: 1

SNTraining Centre

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