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Advert Details for:
NGSDP- 2019/2020 Public

Advert Code: 342081

Training Program Title: NGSDP- 2019/2020

Program Type: NGSDP

Course Objective: Nil

Course Scope: Nil

Course Description: Nil

Eligibility: B.sc/HND in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Training Cost (NGN): 750,000.00

Maximum Payment Installment: 2

Minimum Initial Deposit: 500,000.00

Publication Date: 27-Aug-2019

Advert Close Date: 03-Jan-2020

Payment Close Date: 03-Jan-2020

Projected Training Start Date: 07-Oct-2019

Actual Training Start Date: 03-Jan-2020

Projected Training End Date: 02-Oct-2020

Actual Training End Date: 28-Nov-2020

Training Centres: 1

SNTraining Centre

NB: For further enquiries, please contact the NAPTIN HelpDesk/Support via email on support@naptinportal.com