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Frequently Asked Questions
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1. What categories of training are available

We have the short-term courses and long-term courses. the short- term courses are for like minimum of 1 week - a month, while the long-term course is a 1 year course for only electrical and mechanical engineers and its called NGSDP

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2. What is the criterion for posting participants to the various training centres acrosss the country?

1. Training Center of Choice during Application Submission
2. Availability of Slots at Training Centres

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3. Is there accomodation on site (at the training centres) that participants can pay for?

Details on Accommodation is always made known to Trainees during the Orientation period before Course Commencement

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4. What is NAPTIN All About?

NAPTIN stands for National Power Training Institute of Nigeria.
The Federal Ministry of Power under the leadership of former Hon. Minister of Power- Dr. Rilwan Lanre Babalola established NAPTIN in 2009 as the Official Trainer of the Power Sector. This was aimed at closing the skill gap and meeting up with Training Requirements of the Power Sector.

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5. Where is NAPTIN Head Quarters Located?

NAPTIN Head Quarters is located at:
Plot 1124, Eldoret close,
Off Aminu Kano Crescent,
Wuse 2, FCT Abuja.

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6. What is RTC?

RTC refers to Regional Training Centers. NAPTIN has 8 Regional Training Centers (RTC):
(i) RTC Afam - Rivers State
(ii) RTC Akangba - Lagos State
(iii) RTC Ijora - Lagos State
(iv) RTC Jos - Plateau State
(v) RTC Kaduna - Kaduna State
(vi) RTC Kainji - Niger State
(vii) RTC Kano - Kano state
(viii) RTC Oji - Enugu State

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7. What Categories of Training are Available?

NAPTIN Training are categorized into:
• Technical Courses
• Non-technical Courses
• Open/Tailored Courses

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8. How does NAPTIN get its Training Resource Personnel/Instructors?

NAPTIN gets its Training Resource Personnel/Instructors from Local/International, Serving/Retired Seasoned and Experienced Engineers.

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9. How do I apply for a NAPTIN Training?

Trainees can apply for Training by doing the following:
(i) Login to the NAPTIN TMIS Portal or Signup if you do not have a portal account.
(ii) Upon successful login, click on the 'Training Advert' page, this will navigate you to the Training Advert Page.
(iii) To Apply for a Training, click on the Actions button of a particular record; this will navigate you to the Training Application Form.
(iv) Fill the Form appropriately and click on the 'Submit Application' button.

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10. Who are the Target Beneficiaries of NAPTIN Training?

NAPTIN Trainings are designed for individuals and organisations who desire a career in the Power Sector.

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11. Does NAPTIN Accept Industrial Training Placement?

Yes, NAPTIN Accepts Industrial Training Placements; however, this is dependent on number of free slots available.

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12. What is the NAPTIN TMIS?

The NAPTIN TMIS (Training Management Information System) is an enterprise online software platform developed for the automation, consolidation, and management of data on all NAPTIN Training activities and processes.
The Portal serves as a central tool for Trainees, Instructors, Organisations (Private & Government) and NAPTIN to collaborate with respect to NAPTIN Trainings.

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13. What are the Benefits of the NAPTIN TMIS?

There are numerous benefits of the NAPTIN TMIS. Some of these benefits include but are not limited to the following:

- Full Training Mgmt Automation.
- Centralized Portal System.
- Online Training Advert and Application.
- Online Payment and Verification.
- Single Click & On-demand Reports.
- Electronic Data Storage.
- Online Helpdesk and Support.
- Better Service Delivery.
- etc.

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14. How do I contact the NAPTIN TMIS Support Team?

You can contact the NAPTIN Support Team via Email on support@naptinportal.com

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15. How do I create a Prospective Trainee Account on the NAPTIN TMIS?

(i) Go to the NAPTIN TMIS Portal home page.
(ii) Click on the 'Trainee Sign Up' button under the for Prospective Trainee Section. This will navigate you to the Account Creation form.
(iii) Fill the Form appropriately and click on the 'Create Account' button.

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16. How do I Create a Prospective Course Instructor Account?

(i) Go to the NAPTIN TMIS Portal home page.
(ii) Click on the 'Trainer Sign Up' button under the for Prospective Course Instructor Section. This will navigate you to the Account Creation form.
(iii) Fill the Form appropriately and click on the 'Create Account' button.

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17. How do I create an Account for my Organization on the NAPTIN TMIS?

Send an Email Request for Organization Account Creation to NAPTIN Support Team via support@naptinportal.com

[REF: 13541876537] Published On: 29-Nov-2012 12:42 PM

18. How do I Track Status of a Support Request?

(i)Go to the Support Page of the NAPTIN TMIS Portal.
(ii)Click on the 'Check Request Status' link/button, this should navigate you to the Check Request Status Form.
(iii)Fill the form appropriately and click on the 'Check Status' button.

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19. What is NGSDP?

NGSDP stands for NAPTIN Graduate Skills Development Program.
The Program is designed for University and Polytechnic graduates of Electrical or Mechanical Engineering who desire a career in the power sector.
The Program spans for 12 months.

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20. Who can Apply for NGSDP?

NGSDP is for Electrical or Mechanical Engineering Graduates.

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21. What is the Minimum Education Qualification for NGSDP?

The Minimum Education Qualification for NGSDP is a First Degree (B.Sc, B.Eng, B.Tech or HND or its Equivalent) in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering

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22. What is the Course Fee for NGSDP?

The Course Fee for NGSDP is NGN 750,000

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23. Can Graduates of other Science Disciplines participate in NGSDP?

No, NGSDP is only for Electrical/Mechanical Engineering Graduates

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NOTE: For further inquiries, please contact our Support Team via email on support@naptinportal.com